Saturday, June 29, 2013

Letter to Cheerios/General Mills

[To whom this may concern:]

I don't eat cereal, except for good old-fashioned  oatmeal, but after seeing your commercial with the cute mulatto girl and "interracial couple," I kind of wish I ate cereal because I would eat Cheerios every day. I am of mixed blood--even though most people only see the black in me, and I am about to marry a beautiful woman of European decent. We both don't really believe in the concept of race. I have openly stood against affirmative action, and my study of biology has led me to conclude that our skin color, facial features, and hair texture were only of use in helping us adapt to our respective environments. In fact, I also believe that every one in America will look Native American in 1000 years. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with us. There was an occasion when my fiancee and I were having dinner at a pub, and a group of women stared at us like aliens. I even worry about our safety if we ever visit relatives who live in the South. By you creating this commercial, you have done a great service for all mixed couples and families, and I thank you for that.

God bless[.]

Here is the commercial that caused the uproar:

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