Wednesday, May 7, 2014

McDonalds, Why can't I have it MY WAY?

Dear McDonalds,

I don't know what is going on, but it appears that your locations hire people who won't  follow simple instructions these days. For the past five or so months, I have gone to four different Chicagoland locations of yours and ordered a specific burger--either a McDouble or a Quarter Pounder, with no pickle or ketchup. I have ordered this at your North Riverside mall location, your Forest Park location, your Little Village location, and especially your northern Humboldt Park location. In all of these locations, they have gotten it wrong. The put the ketchup and/or pickle on anyway. Occasionally, the cashier would put the order in incorrectly (no onion or ketchup), but 95% of the time, the order I received incorrectly had the special order ticket on it with the correct specifications! There was a time, at the aforesaid Humboldt Park location, when I had to send the order back twice, and the third time it still came incorrectly! By this time, I was fed up with the game and demanded a refund. I complained about this specific location to your headquarters, and they called to apologize. You wrote me a letter to apologize, and you gave me a coupon for a free meal. And after all that, this location still could not follow orders! There was a time that I told them my order was "for here," and they bagged my food to go!

At first, I thought it was just this location, but I am noticing more and more of this. If one location is incompetent, there is something wrong with that location, but when four locations cannot get a simple order right, there is something wrong with the company. Please tell me, what is so difficult about NOT putting pickles and ketchup on a burger? And please, don't point out to me that there are immigrants at this location who cannot understand English. Down the street from that Humboldt Park McDonalds is a Burger King--also with immigrants for employees, whose first language is not English, yet when I tell them to hold the pickle and ketchup, they almost always oblige. Sure, they are very slow at completing orders at times, but I don't recall ever having to complain about them getting orders wrong. Besides, the word No is not just an English word; it is Spanish, Italian, Catalan, Galician, and Latin.

Either you are hiring people who cannot or will not read or obey orders, or this is divine intervention to discourage me from eating your food. Whatever the reason, you did not become the world's largest restaurant chain and a household name in several countries by not listening to your customers. Think about it: what if I were allergic to pickles or ketchup and I trusted your location to get my order right, only to find myself in a hospital? Can you spell lawsuit? It is getting to the point where I am losing my appetite for your food. If you care at all for your customers, please look into your restaurants and crack down on locations that don't listen to your customers. If not, there is always Burger King, Wendy's, Culver's, Five Guy's, Jack-in-the-Box, Carl Jr.'s, In-and-out, White Castles...get my point?


An unsatisfied customer

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