Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bill Cosby, Ferguson Riots, and all that

I was not going to write a blog post about any of these news items. I kept telling myself in my head, "Curb your opinion on these; just watch and wait." But then, I shared a chart the other day about the simple fact, taken from National Review, that a Black person is more likely to be killed by another Black person than by any White cop. Then a woman from my church told me, "I can't believe we go to the same church and worship the same God." She then unfriended me. I sent her a private message to tell her how hurtful her public comments were, and I asked her to apologize, but she refused.  For more information about this chart and her comments, visit, and download the file.

Now let's get down to business and play a little game called Bombshells, or as George Lopez would say it: "In the suburbs, it's called, 'You might want to sit down for this; it's a shocker.' In the hood, it's called, 'Oh, no you didn't!'"

I find the sexual assault cases against Bill Cosby and the Michael Brown affair/riots to be so intertwined, it is ridiculous. First, Michael Brown and the Ferguson riots. Do I believe Brown was wrongfully shot? Yes. According to witnesses, he was being shot at as he ran from Officer Wilson, and then he was shot when he turned around and put his hands in the air. First, even though I am not a police officer, I know that a person with no signs of a weapon is not a danger to the officer, so Wilson should have pursued him on foot and/or used a Taser. Second, the millisecond a suspect puts their hands in the air, there is no reason to shoot anymore, but it was Wilson's responsibility to direct him  onto the ground and to make no sudden moves. So, Brown was wrongfully shot. Keep this in mind in the next paragraphs.

Now, let's take a good look at the man whose name has been invoked during the Ferguson riots. Right before he was shot, there was filmed footage of him  stealing cigars. When the store owner tried to stop him, Brown shoved him away, and then loomed towards him in a threatening manner when he still pursued. Comparing Brown's build to that of the store owner, of course that store owner was not going to pursue him further. And then, even the witnesses noticed that there was a struggle after the Wilson told Brown to get off the streets, but he would not comply.

So, I see three things wrong with this picture. First, as we learned in kindergarten, stealing is wrong. For Brown to steal something as trivial and needless as cigars, he was obviously looking for trouble. Second, when Wilson told Brown to get off the street, he should have complied instead of talking back. Third, Brown should never, EVER have put himself in a position where he would "struggle" with any police officer. No reasonable person puts their hands on or runs from an officer. I was told at an early age to respect the police and obey the law. Plus, I was told to remember who I am: a Black person in a country that has historically and deliberately marginalized Black people. As such, I was to be polite and cooperative with any police officer at all times, but remember names and badge numbers if an officer had gotten out of line. To do anything else would be to give a police officer all the reason he or she would need to remove me from this world or at least batter me, and it would be my word against his or hers.  After all, when it comes to eradicating racism and discrimination in this country, the police force is one of the final frontiers. While many officers are good and true to their work, on some deserted road, there are only two witnesses: you and the officer.  When you are uncooperative with the police, you discredit yourself. If someone had taught Brown these things, maybe he would still be alive. Perhaps the reason why the jury decided not to indict Wilson is because they could only see Brown's danger to society and not Wilson's abuse of power.

Now for the rioters. There is nothing dumber and more counterproductive than burning down your own communities and stealing from your own people. As news reports have shown, many of the businesses looted and destroyed are Black owned. How cowardly can you get? I am against rioting and the violence it brings, but if these rioters had any courage, they would have left businesses in their communities alone, and they would have organized and methodically attacked the Ferguson police station or even the dissenting jurors. That is where the logic is missing, and this is what makes the rioting cowardly. While people insist that rioting is a demand for justice, all it does is make people justify the jury's decision.

And if you are going to riot over the manslaughter (or murder; I am still on the fence on what to call it), why are you going to commit violence and destruction over someone who shoplifts and provokes the police? Why is he your cause célèbre? Why not save your anger for an upstanding Black citizen who cooperates with police and is still abused? This is tragically similar to the Rodney King case. All the public saw in the video was Rodney King being beaten by four cops. No one remembers that King attacked the officers first. No one remembers that he was pulled over for reckless driving and DUI and that he was arrested again, for the same reasons, 2 weeks later.

Whenever I see the protests of police brutality on television, and when I see Blacks, Latinos, and liberal Whites protest killings of Black men by the police or by seemingly racist non-Blacks, I cannot help but wonder why these same people are not equally outraged by the dozens of Blacks being murdered by other Blacks in every major city in this country. Why does one Black man mean more to you than thousands of other Black men? What, is it easier to point to one White person with a gun than a multitude of problems degrading the Black community? But then, no one wants to talk about that. People are so busy being victicrats that they cannot deal with their own problems, and if any well-meaning person tries to bring this up, they are called racist, race traitors, or gay. (Yes, gay. Very mature.)

You are probably wondering when the heck I am going to get to Bill Cosby. The very things I am saying are but a mere echo of Bill Cosby's words as he states them in public or writes them so eloquently in his book "Come on, People." Many Black people are threatened by him and have tried to shut him up. When this did not work, and this is my theory, they paid women to accuse him of kidnapping, drugging, and sexual assault. I find it very convenient that, after "airing [Black] dirty laundry in public" for the umpteenth time, women are suddenly coming out of corners to make allegations against him that are almost 30 years old. While I have always been a strong advocate for victims of violent crimes, I stand by Cosby this time. I believe that he is completely innocent, no matter what my former classmate comedian, Hannibal Buress, says. I believe that this is nothing but a setup to silence and destroy Cosby for speaking the truth about problems in my community. The fact is, whenever there is a successful Black man, there will always be a person waiting for the opportunity to destroy him, whether it be Sambo from Uncle Tom's Cabin or Fannie Taylor from the Rosewood Massacre. With this is mind, if those women really were raped, why did it take them so long to come forward? I am sorry, but history and the media have proven that when a woman, especially one of European descent (sorry, but it is true), comes forward and accuses any Black man of a sexually-based offense, the public and the media immediately takes the side of the woman, and his entire career and life is kaput even before he is arrested. This is why I am convinced that Cosby is innocent. If those women came forward in the 1980s, the law would have thrown the book at him. Until solid evidence proves otherwise, I will stand by Cosby, though the heavens fall.

What is happening to Cosby and what happened to me with that former friend from church shows what happens when a Black man loves his people too much to keep the truth from them.  They are ostracized and condemned by their own. They are called Uncle Toms, Oreos, or house n*ggers, This is because the Ferguson rioters and those who hate to hear a Black person show tough love has a field slave mentality. Take a moment to look at the life of a field slave: he is forced to work from sunrise to sunset for the master, he is beaten for not working fast enough or because the overseer is bored, he sees his sister dragged into the woods by the master's son only to return no longer a virgin, and he feels inferior deep down inside. When the master decides to fire an abusive overseer or give a devoted slave a ham, he refuses to see the good in everyone. When a house slave who walks with dignity decides to spend time with his people, the field slave mocks him for having what he wants. When a field slave is punished for beating another field slave, all of the other field slaves either isolate him or beat him further, telling him "snitches get stitches."

The field slave, weary from his plight, can only see hatred for all things White and pain for their persecution. Because of this, another field slave who hates and feels pain too can do no wrong. Even when the evidence against a Black criminal is too strong, the field slaves stick together--even when they are wrong--and anyone who exposes their hypocrisies can just go to hell. Sadly, even though slavery legally ended in 1865, there are too many field slaves today lettting their emotions rule over them, while there have been slaves living free even before the Emancipation Proclamation. It does not matter if a document declares a person free and the chains have been removed from their wrists. Scripture teaches, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." In other words, if a people still think like slaves, they are slaves.

While they think they are protecting themselves, they are really destroying themselves and bringing shame on the whole Black community. At the rate we are going, there will be a time when true and overt racism will return, and even the most reasonable non-Black will turn his back on us. When this happens, Blacks and other minorities with vocal victicrats will find themselves suffering the same Holocaust the Jews did in World War II. Like it was for them, there will not be enough people to save us. People, this really scares me. I am scared for myself and for my people. Angry Blacks and guilt-driven Whites will unfriend me on Facebook for this, but Black people are our own worst enemy. This does not have to be. As Tulsa, Rosewood, The Harlem Renaissance, Pill Hill, and so many movements and communities have proven, Black people have remarkable power to provide for themselves and beautify themselves to the envy of groups. We have done it before, and we can do it again. All we need to do is stop playing the race card and take Black on Black crime more seriously. Statistics have repeatedly proven that, while there are plenty of trigger-happy cops out there (which is why I approve of requiring police to wear camcorders), if Officer Wilson were out of the picture, he would have been if far more danger of being killed by another Black person--particularly one of those rioting in his name.

Now, who is the bigger "race-traitor": those who expose problems in the Black community to save the souls of Black people, or those who denigrate those who speak the truth to save the hides of Black people?

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  1. I agree with most of everything here, even though I do believe that in the Brown/Wilson case that Wilson was in the right as there was conflicting evidence to the testimonies that Brown was surrendering and that instead Brown was beating on Wilson while in his vehicle and Wilson popped him to save his own skin. Even if one did put himself in a position to surrender, there's always a case of someone making a split second move to go for a weapon or make a lunge for the cop to try and subdue him so in the cop's mind, its not over until the perp is in the back of the car in cuffs. I can understand that. Besides, Brown was a thug, if he was able to strongarm a store clerk then he was more than capable of attempting to beat up a cop, especially a white cop. But aside from that, yeah, most of us tend to want to ignore the fact that we kill each other way more than any white person, cop or otherwise, does. In fact, I look at it as basically saying that WE do not value black lives because if we can ignore that fact but complain about an instance of a white person killing a black person (no matter if it was justified) we get worked up. Some might even go to say from a conspiratorial sense that "the man" may be helping stir up the racial tension as well as putting the black community in this precarious state so we can effectively destroy one another while they sit back and watch, which happens to be working pretty good by the way. When we (or they, I'm not associated with those losers) riot and destroy and act a fool, in the eyes of the world we look like animals and our credibility is further destroyed to the point where when a legitimate case of discrimination does come up, its the Boy Who Cried Wolf analogy because nobody takes us seriously anymore. Black folks are quick to complain about these issues but never take any real initiative to correct the problems. In my opinion, its pure laziness, its easier to sit back and complain and pass the buck and blame other entities (the white man is a convenient scapegoat) versus actually taking time to address the broken households, the teenage pregnancy, the single moms raising these boys (and girls even) while still being ratchet females not even worthy of being called "moms", the thug culture, the lack of education and the lack of encouragement to get educated, ad nauseum. The black leaders fail to address any of these issues in the sense where they say "Hey folks talk to your kids, lets start some programs to address these issues!" They would rather rally the gov't to hand out more welfare to encourage more laziness, they would rather try to ban inanimate objects because a bunch of morons are using them to kill one another, they would rather try to dumb down the public school system so its easier to pass kids to the next grade and beyond while not actually educating them. The black community is literally stuck in this slave mentality, or like some of us know of as the "crabs in the barrel" when we would ridicule and try to sabotage the efforts of those few who do try to move on up because we don't have the drive to try and move up just as well. Maybe if our so called leaders would try to encourage the community to try to set out on their own and move on up in life instead of essentially telling them they're not worth their effort when they just simply say "here just go collect a few bucks on us, we don't feel like wasting our time trying to pull you guys out of the gutter", maybe we will see improvements in the black community to the point where we will see more traditional families, more morals, and more drive to be productive citizens instead of liabilities to the state and the rest of the community.

  2. Yeah, poor Cosby, I have to laugh on the idea that women come out after like 40 years making accusations of rape. This dude is like half dead, hes old as dirt, what does it really matter now if you make these accusations? Cosby is rich, if they keep pushing him, maybe he'll do like many other celebrities and just leave the country and say "forget y'all". But yeah, Cosby was one of those "few" who called out the failures of the black community, enough so that he had to be suppressed, and what better way to suppress someone who speaks of the community lacking morals than to put accusations of forced sex over their head? Do these washed up hoodrats really think they're gonna collect anything off this man? One of two things will happen, either A: Cosby will give them a few crumbs to shut them up and they'll drop it, or B: Cosby will fight them to the grave to protect his good name and make these hoodrats go broke trying to sue him. Am I saying that he didn't do anything? Who knows, maybe he did have relations with these women, but I can imagine that it was consensual, he was Bill Cosby, he was moving up in the world, what woman wouldn't want to be with him? But after so long, most of these women are probably broke and figure, "hey let me railroad Cosby and see what I can get off of him, it worked for Michael Jackson's boys, Kobe Bryant, and Mike Tyson's women, it might work for me". The only lesson that I say celebrities should be learning from this is if you're gonna mess around, then either mess with women who stand to gain nothing because they're already rich, or, heck, just video tape the mess, that way you got evidence. I know that sounds kinda icky but hey, if you're gonna do stuff like that, may as well CYA.

    In conclusion, yes there are bad cops, everywhere, we know this, and yes cops do overstep their bounds (Eric Gardner), but black folks can't keep forgiving these thugs for getting into trouble when they get their bums kicked by cops or blown away by either cops or some citizen who was victimized by said thugs. Like the saying goes, "get your own house in order", applies to this, we need to get our houses in order before we start pointing accusatory fingers at other entities to explain our supposed plight. We control our destiny, we are the only ones who can affect our direction. If we don't hoist up our sails, we can't expect to catch the winds that will take us to future prosperity but will instead continue to sit there in despair, mad at the world for our own lack of forward motion. Again, only WE can affect our destiny, instead of blaming everybody else, we need to take the steps to make a change, in our own households, our own extended families, our communities, and ultimately our country.