Monday, April 6, 2015

Running out of cheeks...

If you like to gossip or look over the shoulders of others, 
do not read this post.

Yesterday, I had to adjust my Facebook security settings so that only certain people can see my posts. Over 30 people who could see everything I post no longer have that privilege. The sad fact is that about half of the people I blocked from seeing my posts do not even deserve it, but when you have been burned enough times, you become wary of the fire. I just don't know who I can trust anymore. There are those I am supposed to trust that have violated my trust too many times. I doubt whether it is safe to trust those I have not even blocked from seeing my comments. The issue is, I have had enough of people gossiping against me because they disagree with what I have to say. I am also tired of people writing nasty responses because they disagree with me. Some of these people are not even on my friend's lists, yet they think they have the right to offer their obnoxious opinions to a forum to which they have not even been invited. I do not know who is doing the gossiping and who next will look over a brother's shoulder, see something they do not like, and decide to be abusive towards me. Of those I know do not deserve to be blocked, I had to do so anyway because either a person in their household shares a computer and/or account with someone deliberately blocked, or not blocking them will place them in an uncomfortable situation.

I am told many times that whatever I put on Facebook is public. Well, I just made it less public. Even if my freedom of speech is taken away, I will write whatever I want that is not blasphemy, libel, or a direct threat. I never write anything that is meant to offend others, and I try to make amends when someone is genuinely offended. Still, it kills me that people use vulgar language, say things that are threatening to another person, and even talk about bodily functions, and people will laugh, agree, or offer support, yet when I take a stand on a moral issue, vent about something, or lament about hard times, like I did last weekend, someone has a problem with it.  What is with the double standard?

Well, this is the end of the line! I will express my opinions anytime I want--on Facebook, by email, and especially here in my sanctuary, The Silver Soapbox. If anyone has a problem with what I write, you can either be an adult and diplomatically talk to me about it in private, offer evidence of the contrary in comments sections, or hold your peace. Starting now, there will be consequences for those who call me names, insult me, or raise their voice at me and not apologize. I deserve respect, and I will have it. Because even if you think I am wrong, always remember that I am still human. Some of the people closest to me stand for things that I disapprove of and have done things to really hurt me, but I still love them and see them as a person trying their best. When you dehumanize someone you disagree with, you become beneath them, and you do not change their mind. In fact, you may actually prove their point even further. In summary, do onto others as you would have them do onto you because you will reap what you sow.

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